The Best Coffee Machines of 2024

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Are you looking to make coffee shop favourites like the cappuccino, flat white, latte and americano at home? Chances are that if you’re reading this, the answer is yes – well you’re in the right place.

When it comes to choosing the best home coffee machine, there are two popular options to pick from: bean to cup coffee machines and coffee pod machines. Each type of coffee machine offers unique benefits and drawbacks, which can make it challenging to determine which one is the best fit.

This blog post provides a one-stop guide to the best electrical coffee machines on the market for 2024, so you can make delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home or office. We’ll cover the key differences between bean to cup coffee machines and coffee pod machines, from the quality and taste of the product to the ease of use, cost and environmental considerations.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines vs. Coffee Pod Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines use freshly ground coffee beans to make your drink, ensuring a rich and delicious flavour similar to traditional espresso. All you have to do is fill them up with coffee beans and water and press a button. They have a built-in coffee grinder that grind the beans fresh for each cup. The coffee grounds are then compacted and pushed through a filter which holds the coffee while hot water is forced through it. Most bean to cup coffee machines also feature a wide array of customisation options, allowing users to adjust grind size, brew strength and more.

Coffee Pod Machines

If you’re more focused on convenience and low initial cost, then you may be considering a coffee pod machine. You can get coffee pod or coffee capsule machines incredibly cheap, and they make it easy to enjoy a quick cup of coffee with minimal effort in the brewing process. Coffee pod machines work by inserting a pre-packaged coffee capsule into the coffee machine which then punctures the capsule allowing water to flow through the coffee grounds, creating a consistent cup of coffee every time. Most coffee pod machines are also compatible with a wide range of coffee types and flavours.

Which Coffee Machine is Best?

Both home coffee machines have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to deciding between bean to cup coffee machines and coffee pod machines, it’s important to consider factors such as cost, maintenance and environmental impact.

Ultimately the choice between bean to cup coffee machines and coffee pod machines relies on individual preferences for taste, convenience and budget. While bean to coffee machines provide the freshest and most authentic espresso coffee, pod machines offer ease of use and a wide range of flavours at a more accessible price point.

Bean to cup coffee makers occupy a higher price range, with some entry-level grinding coffee machine options around £500 and premium options reaching up to £2,000. On the other hand, coffee capsule machines are typically more budget friendly with prices starting as low as £60 and reaching around £2,000.

Although bean to cup machines have a higher initial cost, they can be more cost effective in the long run, as coffee beans tend to be less expensive than coffee pods. Environmental considerations also play a role in this decision since coffee pods generate a considerable amount of waste, though some brands like us here at Penningtons do offer compostable coffee pods which limits the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill.

The Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines:


  1. Breville VCF152 Barista Max+ - £499.99

In our opinion, the Breville Barista Max one of the best entry-level bean coffee machines. Key features of the Breville Barista Max+ include the stainless-steel jug and powerful steam wand, shot control which monitors the water temperature and the 15-bar pump which provides just the right amount of pressure for the perfect extraction and a rich crema (the creamy golden froth on the top of your espresso shot).

The intelligent grind on this Breville Barista Max+ uses the exact amount of coffee for a single or double shot, ensuring that your freshly brewed espresso hits the spot every time. The integrated grinder has 30 settings, so you’ve got full control over each cup you make. As well as this, it’s also one of the most compact bean coffee machines and will fit neatly on most worktops or counters.

  1. De’Longhi Dinamica Plus - £549.00

Next on our list of the best bean to cup coffee machines, the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus is a mid-range bean to coffee machine in terms of affordability yet it offers an extremely high-quality coffee experience. It allows you to choose from 12 delicious coffee recipes with one touch and can be enhanced by unique interactive features for personalisation.

Key features of the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus include integrated grinding technology for freshly ground coffee beans with an adjustable grinding level, the exclusive LatteCrema Hot that tops your beverages with long-lasting dense and creamy milk foam and high precision temperature control. These features combined provide an excellent home coffee brewing experience.

  1. Sage the Oracle Touch - £1,799.00

The Sage the Oracle Touch is a premium example of a manual bean to cup coffee machine which combines 11 automated pre-set coffee selections with personalisation features, plus the option to save your own tailored coffee presets for ease. With an automated touch screen, you can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture or temperature to suit your taste.

Not only this, but the fully integrated burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tams 22 grams of coffee straight into the 58mm professional style portafilter. The automatic steam wand allows you to adjust the milk temperature to suit your taste, creating a great cup of coffee every time whilst giving you the freedom to personalise the coffee.

The Best Coffee Pod Machines:


  1. Nespresso Krups XN110BRD Essenza - £127.00

This ultra-compact Nespresso machine provides everything you need from a coffee pod machine but with greater convenience, a striking contemporary design and an entry-level price tag. Other Krups Nespresso models such as the Krups Nespresso Citiz and Milk XN760540 Pod Coffee Machine feature an integrated milk frother, though you can expect to pay a little more for a model with this feature.

The Nespresso Krups XN110BRD Essenza gives you full access to the world of Nespresso compatible coffee pods. You can enjoy espresso or lungo just the way you like it in an instant thanks to this machine’s two programmable buttons which provide ease of use and a fast heat up time. It’s 19-bar pressure ensures outstanding quality straight to your cup every time.

  1. Delonghi Nespresso EN267 WAE Citiz Capsule Machine - £255.00

The Delonghi Nespresso EN267 WAE Citiz coffee pod machine is a retro-modern, compact coffee machine that will look fabulous in any home. This machine has an integrated “Aeroccino” milk foamer, allowing you to enjoy coffee with milk at just one press of a button. With a high-pressure pump and quick heating system, you can prepare coffee in just a few seconds.

This Nespresso capsule machine can be used with all Nespresso compatible coffee pods, including Penningtons compostable coffee pods. Thanks to the used coffee capsules container that can hold up to 11 used coffee capsules, the process of preparing coffee will become even more convenient. The coffee machine even shuts down automatically when not in use for a long period of time.

  1. Grind One Coffee Pod Machine - £295.00

Coffee brand Grind have partnered up with Swedish experts Sjöstrand to create its Grind One coffee pod machine, a sleek gadget that is compatible with Nespresso pods. Inspired by the Italian espresso machines used in cafés and coffee shops, Grind One is built to last. It’s made with clean, minimal stainless steel and Grind offers repairs for the first year free of charge.

With 19 bars of pressure, the Grind One coffee pod machine is designed to get the very best from Nespresso compatible coffee pods, for a fuller-bodied flavour and perfect crema. It’s manual controls also provide a unique hands-on experience that is an unusual feature for a coffee pod machine, making this product a stand-out.

Whether you prefer rich espresso or milky cappuccinos and lattes, there is a home coffee machine to suit every taste. Ultimately, the best coffee machine for you is down to your individual preferences for taste, convenience and budget. We hope this blog post has helped you with your hunt for your ideal coffee brewing machine and don’t forget to check out our Nespresso Original compatible compostable coffee pods and our blog on the benefits of switching to compostable coffee pods.

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