Tea Filter Bags *100

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These handy disposable tea filter bags are made with compostable, natural Manila hemp and heat seal fibres. Both the material and the glue used are gluten free. These paper pouches are completely chlorine and bleach free.

The patented flap and slide on the tea filters means there's no need for a holder, no more loose tea leaves in the sink and when you're done, you can even compost them with your loose tea!

All it takes are three simple steps: Open the paper filter and fill with as much of your favourite Penningtons loose leaf tea or tisane as you fancy; brew in a cup or mug of hot water; and, then remove from the cup, sit back and relax.

Tea filter bags are hassle free and perfect for those who want the benefits of premium loose leaf teas with the convenience of a teabag.  Great for use any time at home, travel or at work, in fact anywhere!