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Experience the Richness of Guatemala Coban Coffee at Penningtons
At Penningtons Coffee, we're proud to present our exquisite Guatemala Coban coffee blend, sourced from the scenic Coban region.
Coban is a small city and region in north-central Guatemala,famous for its coffee plantations since the 19th century. It is said that the Cobán coffee growing region of Guatemala has two seasons: rainy and rainier. In fact, the name Cobán comes from the Maya Keckchi word meaning “place of clouds. It is literally a rainforest: cloudy, cool, with only a few sunlight hours per day. 
Our Guatemala Coban beans thrive in the region's high altitudes, resulting in exceptional quality and flavour. Handpicked and expertly hand roasted by Penningtons, each batch embodies our commitment to excellence.
Whether brewed as a velvety espresso shot or a V60 brew, our Guatemala Coban blend promises a versatile and vibrant coffee experience. 
This coffee has an extraordinary full body, rich, dark chocolate, macadamia nuttiness and a sweet finish.
Elevate your coffee ritual with Penningtons Guatemala Coban celebrating tradition and taste, one cup at a time.

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