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Home Barista Experience Gift Vouchers

Regular price £70.00
No goatee required for our Barista Skills experience. Held at our Roastery in Kendal.
What's included?
A tour of our Roastery, see where the magic happens
Coffee tasting
Help you understand the operation of a traditional espresso machine
Introduce you to the coffee extraction process
Teach steaming and foaming milk.
Learn how to make the perfect coffee cocktail
Goody bag to take home
Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee every time with this Home Barista Experience at Penningtons.
This session allows you to ask plenty of questions and develop great skills, so you can serve café quality coffee to your friends and family at home!
Option of a half-day or full-day. Spend more time with us and you will be able to serve up five gourmet speciality coffees! Choose from the £70 half-day or £135 full-day course. Our full-day includes lunch.  You can gift a voucher to the budding coffee brewing expert or spend it on yourself.