Penningtons Hot chocolate tin 1kg

Penningtons Hot Chocolate 1kg tin

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When you want a sweet and indulgent treat, our Penningtons Hot Chocolate will certainly hit the spot! Enjoy with toasted marshmallows around a camp fire on a summers evening or warm up on a wintery day with a comforting mug of Penningtons hot chocolate. 
Our 33% cocoa recipe delivers a smooth velvety chocolate beverage.  We recommend making it with hot milk (or your preferred plant based milk alternative) rather than water for the ultimate smooth, creamy cup.
Cocoa is rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, while milk powder is full of nutrients. However, we think the main benefit is the happiness you’ll feel when you take the first sip! 
Treat your colleagues in the office or staff room. The 1kg tins are also a perfect gift - or just keep it to yourself!

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