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Peru Copaceyba

Peru Copaceyba

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In the Chanchamayo region of Peru, high in the rainforest on the slopes of the Andes, the 12 smallholders of the Copaceyba cooperative grow their coffee under the shade of native trees, embracing sustainable and regenerative agricultural techniques that promote biodiversity.   
The cooperative’s small band of farmers tend to and harvest their crops with hard work, care and passion, with the coffee cherries then taken to the wet mill at the Cinco Corazones farm, operated by the Shared-X organisation, to be graded and processed.  Shared-X has worked alongside smallholder farmers in the region to overcome various challenges, which have included difficulties accessing markets and compromised farming techniques. With the assistance of Shared-X, smallholders are reversing this negative cycle of poverty through the implementation of certification standards, agronomy and post-harvest processing, as well as marketing this high quality coffee internationally.
Full of body and complexity with tasting notes of nougat and chocolate raisins, and hints of florals on the finish, this coffee can be enjoyed through a range of brewing methods. 

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